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 Impression on EQ2

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Impression on EQ2 Empty
PostSubject: Impression on EQ2   Impression on EQ2 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 21, 2010 2:12 am


After playing the Trial some hours, i have to say this game didnt impress me at all.

-The Graphics feel like good ol Morrowind, of course thats not something bad, just wanted to state that.

Character Creation
-This is the best Point about the Game, you have a lot of Races and Classes you can choose from, even the Customization of each Character is well done.

-This is the bad thing about the Game, its nothing new, of couse its an "old" Game, but it didnt attract me.
I didnt feel like killing an Enemy, and of course all the Enemies kind of looked the same.
It has its own feeling i guess, to play this Game. But its nothing i like.

After all i have to say this Game didnt give me the feeling to want to play it.
It was nothing special, most of the Stuff can be seen at all the other MMORPGS out there as well, but maybe thats the good point about the game, a solid basis.
Allthough i have to say i dont like this high leveling Rate at the beginning, kind of disturbing.
You can test it, but dont expect too much.
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Impression on EQ2
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